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"New Light"

"All The White"





"Holding On"

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An abstract masterpiece that speaks volumes through its bold brushstrokes and striking colors. A powerful depiction of absence, evoking introspection and emotion.

Nothing Left

Nothing Left is an abstract nature painting with vibrant colors of red and green. It is a captivating piece of art that will bring life to any room. This painting will be sure to draw attention and admiration with its boldness and beauty. It is a perfect addition to any art collection and sure to be a conversation starter. Nothing Left is a must-have for anyone looking to add a unique and eye-catching piece of art to their home.

Lonely Nights

"Lonely Nights" is an abstract painting that depicts a man in blue and a woman in red against a black background. The man exudes introspection and longing, while the woman exudes passion and allure. Their contrasting colors and distant gazes capture the essence of loneliness.

Lonely night web 24x36.jpg


In My Head web 24x36.jpg

"In My Head" is a captivating painting that explores the inner world of an individual. The central figure reflects introspection and contemplation, surrounded by a chaotic and abstract backdrop that represents their swirling thoughts and emotions.


"Closer Still" is a captivating painting capturing an intimate moment between two individuals as they gaze into each other's eyes.

Closer Still web 12x36 (1).jpg


The composition radiates vulnerability and connection, inviting viewers to feel the power of their unspoken bond.

All The Flowers web 24x48.jpg

All The Flowers

"All the Flowers" portrays a woman standing behind a man, who holds a single flower. This intimate painting symbolizes love, support, and the beauty that blossoms from their connection.

"Just Me" is an electrifying painting showcasing a person emanating vibrant energy from within. The figure's dynamic presence and colorful streams of energy capture their confidence, passion, and inner power.


Just Me

Alone Again web 12x36.jpg

"Alone Again" is a captivating painting depicting a solitary figure alongside an abstract object. The composition evokes a sense of introspection and solitude, inviting viewers to contemplate the complexities of being alone.

Alone Again

My Eyes

My Eyes web 36x36 (1).jpg

"My Eyes" is a captivating abstract painting that mesmerizes with its expressive gaze, inviting viewers to delve into a world of emotion and introspection.

Pushing Down web 12x36.jpg


"Pushing Down" is a compelling abstract painting featuring a person in vibrant red, gazing upwards at an object.

The artwork conveys a sense of determination and resilience in the face of challenges, inspiring viewers to persevere and overcome obstacles.


Not Us

"Not Us" is a captivating abstract painting featuring two figures against a red background. The man gazes at the woman with intensity, while she stands in an emotive pose. The artwork evokes a sense of separate identities and unspoken connection between the two individuals.


One Last

"One Last Breath" is a captivating abstract painting where a person leans against a vibrant backdrop, emitting a radiant yellow energy from their chest. The artwork symbolizes a transformative moment of release and renewal.


Always There

"Always There" is a captivating painting showcasing a woman with an angelic vibe. A subtle red surrounds her chest, evoking a sense of warmth and divine presence. The artwork emanates a comforting and constant presence that is "always there."

Last Day web 16x40.jpg

Last Day

"Last Day" is a powerful painting depicting two individuals locked in a meaningful gaze, capturing the essence of a significant and final moment shared between them.

Our Place

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