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I'm André Hoggan, an abstract artist known for my captivating paintings and sculptures.  I grew up in Idaho Falls and went to college in Pocatello Idaho.  After earning a BFA in art I spent the next eighteen years in Wyoming.  I have called Salt Lake City, Utah, my creative home for the past two years.  I came to Salt Lake to fulfill my dream and open an art gallery and papermaking studio.  Drawing inspiration from the stunning landscapes and vibrant energy around me, I translate my experiences into bold and expressive artworks. Through a mastery of color, texture, and composition, my works invite viewers to explore a realm of visual abstraction and emotion. With a passion for self-expression and a commitment to fostering artistic communities, I continue to evolve as an artist, pushing the boundaries of abstract expression. Join me on a visual journey that celebrates the boundless possibilities of abstract art.

Artist Statement

Through my abstract paintings, I strive to evoke a profound emotional connection and invite viewers to embark on a visual exploration of the intangible. Guided by my innate passion for self-expression, I create dynamic compositions that transcend traditional boundaries and challenge perceptions. Drawing inspiration from the ever-changing world around me, I translate the energy, colors, and textures of my surroundings into vibrant and expressive artworks.

Each brushstroke is an intuitive response, capturing the essence of emotions and narratives that dwell within. By embracing the freedom of abstraction, I invite viewers to engage with their own interpretations, allowing the paintings to become a mirror for their own experiences and feelings.

My creative process is driven by curiosity and experimentation. I employ a variety of techniques, layering colors, textures, and gestural marks to create depth and movement. This interplay of elements reflects the complexities of human emotions, unveiling hidden stories and evoking a range of responses.

As I embrace the unknown, my paintings become a journey of self-discovery and a bridge between the tangible and the ethereal. I am constantly exploring new possibilities, pushing the boundaries of my craft, and challenging myself to create art that resonates on a profound level.

Ultimately, my goal is to create a visual language that transcends words, inviting viewers to connect with their own inner landscapes and find solace, inspiration, and a sense of wonder within my abstract creations. It is through this shared experience that art becomes a transformative force, transcending time and space, and forging connections between the artist, the artwork, and the audience.

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T- 307-248-3690

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